Industrial automation solutions


Value and innovation in the production process

We grant value and innovation in the production process for distribution
electrical and control and automation of machines and processes.


Every day, companies are moving towards enterprise 4.0. From Sistein we offer our experience in obtaining data directly from the production process and its subsequent scaling to E.R.P. management systems, so that the control of the production process is accurate and in real time, facts that allow our customers the best decision making.

Industrial communications.

We offer solutions in all types of industrial communications, using standard protocols (PROFIBUS, PROFINET, ETHERCAT, MODBUS, DEVICENET, etc) or developing our own protocols on any physical medium (RS485, ETHERNET, radio frequency, etc).

Speed variation

Electronics has been put at the service of mechanics to assist it in the development of motion control applications. At Sistein we are leaders in the implementation of servo positioning applications.

Motion Control


We offer integral telecontrol solutions, working both with traditional standards, radio frequency or GSM, as well as with other more current systems such as Wimax or GPRS.

The appearance of new communication systems based on IP technology such as Wimax radically changes the concept of telecontrol, introducing real time in remote controlled installations.

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