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Our long history allows us to
master different sectors

We provide value and innovation in the production process for distribution
electrical and control and automation of machines and processes.

Animal Feed Manufacturing Plants

Factories dedicated to animal feed.

We have been automating animal feed production lines for over 35 years. These processes are fully automated and allow for product formulation according to the needs of each animal.

We have participated in the largest animal feed production chains in Spain, with the capacity to produce 2.000 tons of feed per day.

Industrial cold

Automation in refrigeration facilities.

We control temperature and humidity in rooms precisely, optimize energy costs to the maximum, and extend the life of our equipment by controlling the start-up of compressors. We carry out all types of installations, from low-profile to large-scale ones, with our maximum installed power to date being 4MW.

Medium Voltage

Medium voltage in the industrial environment.

We offer you extensive experience in the design and execution of transformation centers, electrical protections, line laying, and, in short, any aspect related to medium voltage in the industrial environment.

Medium Voltage


Manufacturing and distribution of metal containers.

Since our beginnings, synergies with different manufacturers of metalworking machinery have led us to accumulate vast experience in all types of applications for the manufacture of lids and containers, automating processes such as re-coating, gumming, presses, cutting lines, etc.

Food Industry

More precise and safer processes.

The food industry increasingly requires more precise and safer processes. At Sistein, we have extensive experience in sectors such as meat industries, juice manufacturing, dairy industry, canning, sugars, and syrups. Automating machinery such as CIP, SIP, Pasteurizers, UHT, homogenizers, and Aseptic cooking.

Wastewater Management

Treatment of wastewater from the food sector.

Wastewater management has become another activity for food companies. At Sistein, we have extensive experience in treating wastewater from the food sector, controlling and monitoring discharge waters.

Automated warehouses

Organize and control your production stock.

Technology is growing day by day, and logistics management is one of many ways to automate and improve inventory control in your industry.

Only Quality Suppliers

We work exclusively with the best brands on the market to
ensure the best quality and maintenance without surprises.

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