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Automate the storage of your products

Optimize your logistics operations: increased efficiency, accuracy and control for supply chain success

Automated warehouses are an innovative and efficient solution to optimize space, time and resources in inventory management.

With an automated warehouse system, stored products can be accessed quickly and securely, using software that controls the movement of unit loads.

We offer the design and implementation of automatic warehouses to obtain better competitive advantages for your business.

Automated warehouse at ElPozo

Project developed jointly with Automha for the company ElPozo.

Key features:

Fully automatic high speed packaging station.

A total of 4 successfully installed automated systems with a capacity of up to 50,000 pallets.

6 double-deep stacker cranes.

System for handling goods at the right time and place.

Why automate your warehouse?

Trust us to take your warehouse to the next level!

With our expertise and collaboration with industry leaders like AUTOMHA, we are ready to transform the way you manage your inventory and optimize your logistics operations. Get ready to increase your warehouse efficiency and reach new heights of productivity!

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